Emmawood Publishing

Getting published isn't easy, but there is a way.

Emmawood Publishing is an exciting new Writing Forge initiative. If you've written a novel or a collection of short stories or poetry, contact us now to have your work edited, published and available worldwide through Amazon, Google Books and other affiliates.

We take care of formatting, layout, cover design, ISBN registration and publishing.

Amazon now sells more ebooks than paper books - why not join the revolution?

  • I have no hesitation in recommending The Writing Forge Courses... more 

    It rewarded the effort I put into each exercise and did not shy away from clearly pointing out areas for improvement. more 

    ... probably the best investment you could make in your writing. more 

  • The Writing Forge was founded by CJ Emerson, author of 'Objects of Desire'

    (Shortlisted for the 2007 Crime Writers' Association 'New Blood Dagger' Award):
    "I started creative writing after spending years working in offices, staring at computer screens, frustrated at my own lack of motivation to fulfil a promise I'd made to myself at school - that one day I'd be ... more 
  • 'Beautifully written ... with a plot like a nest of seething vipers' Andrew Taylor, author of The American Boy
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