How much does the online course cost ?

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How much does the downloadable course cost?

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What does the joining fee cover?

Online Course: Full access to the Writing Forge on-line writing course of ten lessons, with detailed feedback on all written exercises from your personal tutor.

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Download Course: Full access to the Writing Forge on-line writing course of ten lessons, including over 40 exercises, downloadable to your computer. With this option there is no personal tutor or feedback.

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How long is the course?

You have up to a year to complete all ten modules. Because the course is web-based you can work in your own time and at your own pace.


Is there a recommended reading list?

Yes - you can see it here.


How do I save a copy of a lesson to print or look at when I'm offline?

Firefox browser: choose File : Save page as option from your browser's toolbar and save as Web Page, Complete

Google Chrome browser: right-click on the page and Save As Web Page, Complete

Internet Explorer browser (PC): choose the File : Save As option from your browser's toolbar and save as Web Archive.

Safari browser (Mac): choose the File : Save As option from your browser's toolbar.

To print a copy just use the File:Print option (or Right-click:Print for Chrome)


How do I submit something for publication that isn't an exercise from a lesson?

Login to the Members' Area, and one of your available options in the lesson area will be Publication Request. Use the 'Send Work' button there.


I only have one lesson in my Members' Area – where are the others?

When you join you're allocated your first lesson. Once you've sent one or more exercises from that lesson the next will be allocated, and so on. You'll get an email to tell you that a new lesson is waiting.


How do I complete an exercise and send it to you?

You'll need to save a copy on your computer in one of the formats we support. Then login to the Members' Area and click the 'Send Work' button for the appropriate lesson module. You can upload as many exercises per lesson as you want, but until at least one has been sent you won't get the next lesson allocated!


What formats can I use to send you my exercises?

Microsoft Word (.docx, .doc),
Microsoft Works (.wps)
OpenOffice (.sxw .odt)
Notepad or other text editor (.txt)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)


Do I have to complete every exercise and send it to you?

The main benefit from the course comes from the exercises and the feedback from your tutor. But it's up to you which exercises you send in as long as there's at least one for each lesson.


How do I change my password to something I can remember?

Go to the Members' Area and use the Change Password link, or use the link on this page.


Do you pass personal details to other organisations?

No, never. Check our privacy policy.


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